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Soulful Yoga Connections began September 2020 with the intention to offer yoga outdoors to allow students to connect to nature and each other through Yoga in the Park, SUP Yoga and outdoor classes & events.  It is a place of inspiration & growth as we strive to incorporate a variety of practices in movement, breath, and meditation on land and water. Yoga in the Park is offered at the beautiful Inverness Liberty Park during the Spring, Summer and Fall months.  SUP Yoga is offered in Crystal River, FL year round.  

As our yoga community grew, The Soulful Shala was born as a gathering place for students of yoga to practice, share, experience, learn and grow.  Located in a quiet neighborhood in Inverness, FL, Soulful Shala is a home based yoga studio created for the yogi or yogi-to-be with a soulful & well intended heart. This enclosed space allows for more intimate and more detailed classes to be offered.  

As teachers, our intention is to offer high quality services, accessible and inclusive to all by offering you a broad range of yoga classes and experiences. So get excited and come experience the magic with us! 

PLEASE NOTE: Address to the Soulful Shala will be provided after you register for class! 

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Our Story

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Yoga for All 

Ready to roll out your mat and get started with yoga poses? This class has a little bit of everything: meditation, dynamic flow, stretches and restoration. If you are looking for a class that offers active and restful poses, this is the one for you!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga 

This class focuses on multiple aspects of yoga to include pranayama (breathwork), asana (posture) and meditation.  The class is centered on breath and alignment giving you time to learn the postures and be challenged both physically and mentally.  Expect floor work, standing and balancing postures and final relaxation (savasana).  All levels are welcome! 


Slow Flow 

This class is a great way to dive into your wellness journey. It offers practitioners the opportunity to explore a wide range of poses and breathing techniques. Together with the teacher's guidance, you will discover a whole new world that yoga has to offer.  All levels are welcome. 

Yoga Class
Yoga at Home

Slow & Strong Yoga 

Slow & Strong Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of flow yoga practiced. The class is challenging with long holds in strong poses, such as plank, to build strength in the body, while connecting to the breath. This class intends to get you moving and sweating, rounding off with restful postures to stretch and relax the body after the work is done! All levels welcome, but expect to work hard and sweat!


Yoga in the Shala

As the nights and mornings get colder, we are moving our weekly Yoga in the Park indoors to keep us warm and safe.  This class is on a pay-scale rate or you can use your class plan.  

This is class focuses on intentional movement, breathwork and connections to self and community.  Whether you are beginner or advanced yogi, this class explores classical routines and gain deeper knowledge of asanas (poses). 
This class is playful and lighthearted while learning to build strength, balance and flexibility in the body and mind.  

Yoga Class


"Stephanie is a magnificent person and teacher! I feel a great deal of love and joy beaming from her whenever I am in her presence.  She is authentic, dedicated, passionate and very knowledgeable about yoga on and off the mat. Stephanie is enthusiastic and deeply rooted in her own yoga practice, which allows her to teach and share from the priceless "embodied experience".  She communicates clearly and gracefully while teaching and offering gentle guidance, wisdom, and support.  She is truly a gifted teacher"

Donna Alessi ~ Kundalini Teacher 

"Stephanie's Soulful Yoga practice combines yoga and adventure in world class settings.  Yoga in the Park - utilizing Liberty Park's spectacular gazebo over the water, SUP Yoga in Magical Crystal River or quiet work in her Soulful Shala Studio.  Stephanie is a game changer, she provides multiple ways to get exercise, join a community and get your Zen on"

Bryce ~ Retired RN

"Attending classes with Stephanie has opened a new world for me.  As a teacher, Stephanie intuitively adjusts to meet her yogi's needs and is patient, caring and inspiring.  In addition to improving levels of fitness, I've learned the benefits of breathwork, of the opportunities found in meditation, and how to listen better to my body."

Christina ~ Entrepreneur

"Having been a caregiver for several years, I have been trying to redefine my life & implement some self-care through yoga. I thought it would be relatively easy because of my military background, yet it proved otherwise.  I met Stephanie who encouraged me every step of the way even through the onset of Covid.  Yoga has been a vital part of my self-care, it has grown me spiritually, has impacted my life in a positive manner and has given me a wonderful tribe of people that I now call friends.  Namaste  

Yvonne ~ Retired Army Veteran 

Practicing yoga helps with physical and mental health but doing yoga with Stephanie also helps with self-confidence.  With Stephanie's patience, support and guidance you will soon find yourself doing poses you never thought possible.  Let her know your yoga goals and she will assist you in achieving them"

Jennifer ~ Healthcare Administrator 

"Embracing the journey of yoga under Stephanie's guidance has been a game changer.  Despite my initial struggles as an Army veteran with balance and flexibility issues, Stephanie has been persistent with encouragement and thoughtful provision of aids.  I initially struggled but yoga has helped me immensely.  My body and mind are stronger each day."

Alison ~ Radiologist 

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